Welcome to the Team!

Information on this page pertains to logins for operations sites, email, etc. If you have any questions on any of the content here, please direct them to your manager. Other resources include our Payroll Department (payroll@gbstech.com).

TELUS Partners Web Portal and TELUS Channel Care Call Center
Your manager will assist you in signing up for TELUS Partners which is the web portal for TELUS.  Please note it takes 2 business days for your selected user name and password to become activate.  You will need the dealer code and rep number from your welcome email to sign up.  As well, you also need the "Sales Rep ID” number below to call into the Channel Care Support System.  Your default PIN is 9999 and again you will be asked to change it on first use.

TELUS E-Training
Please use the info below to register a profile at the e-training site (Click Here) as soon as possible.  When you register for e-training and select your department the learning path should load.  Your Supervisor can review the required courses with you.  The e-training key if needed is B0D9AA3E-DBBB-4AD0-8F41-FD64D4D02C86.

Email Account Information

Your Email address is first.lastname@gbstech.com.  The user name is your full email address and the default password is included in your welcome email, and it must be changed @ portal.office.com to activate the account.  E-mail can be set up on your mobile device using your full email address as user name "Exchange" as the email server type.
Please note mobile devices require a device password for connection to our email server.

Email Signature
Please ask your supervisor for the template for your email signature. Please ensure all links are correct & working. 

Point of Sale System

Your log in user name for the Point of sale is "First Name Last name (i.e. "John Doe") and your password is abc123, which you will be asked to change on first log into the system.  

TELUS One (Optional)
Sign up for TELUS One incentive rewards Here