Enterprise-Class IT for Your Local Business

As a trusted & respected IT provider, we are able to proactively manage, monitor &  review your network IT systems daily to prevent issues before they happen.


Tailored to Fit Your Business

Whether you're small, medium or enterprise in size, our services allow our clients to focus on their day-to-day functions while we handle system management & maintenance in the background.


Technical disasters can easily happen - we're here to make sure they don't. 

End-to-End Services







Managed Endpoint Security

Managed Endpoint Security

Ensure your devices are protected against the latest threats with an always up-to-date endpoint security solution. 


Cloud connected or centrally managed endpoint security protects your devices even when they are outside of your secured network. This ensures that threats aren’t hitching a free ride in on an unsecured laptop or mobile device.


Managed Firewall

Monitor the security & availability of your firewall & act on security threats. We'll ensure  your devices remain up-to-date with the latest patches & effect any configurations changes. If relevant, we can create, maintain & support site-to-site or point-to-site VPNs.

Microsoft Office 365

Our team of cloud technology experts will migrate your on-premise or outdated services to Office 365, with a seamless transition. For easy scalability, industry leading reliability, and a reduction of your IT footprint, we can move or replicate critical servers to Microsoft's Azure cloud.

Cyber Security

D-Zone DNS Firewall - Proudly Canadian

Traditional endpoint & firewall protection don’t stop everything. The D-Zone DNS Firewall blocks users & bots from visiting sites that are used for phishing or contain ransomware or other malware. Cloud-based, high-value, easy to set-up, easy to manage.

it training

IT Consulting & Training

We'll work with you, your vendors & your service providers to ensure deadlines are met, the budget is respected & you stay informed throughout the process. 


Whether we have implemented new equipment, created an IT plan, or there are new upgrades you just dont understand, our IT Consultants can train you & your staff. 

On-site & Remote Support

Whether you're having desktop, printing, network issues or just need some one-on-one assistance, you never have to leave your home or office - we come to you!

Our 24/7 monitoring system allows us to remotely make sure things run smooth in the back end & alert us when there is an issue. It can be an easy fix from our live Help Desk or a quick visit to your location, we are able to get you back up and running in no time!

on-site support