home security

Smart Home Security & Automation 

Seamlessly connect & protect your entire house - all from your smartphone!

Powering Your Smart Home

A Smart Home can be equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.


Any home can be made into a smart home with a few simple devices - and for a very low monthly cost! 

Automate your home & your life.

What's in a Smart Home?

(1) Light Control
(2) Window Sensor
(3) Water Sensor
(4) Video Camera
(5) Temperature Sensor
(6) Image Sensor
(7) Smoke & CO Detectors
(8) Security Panel
(9) Smart Thermostat
(10) Garage Door Control
(11) Doorbell Camera
(12) Smart Lock

Pay Less for Full Automation

- Not Just Cameras. 

Our Home Automation Packages make your life easier for less than those other guys. Get access control, energy management, and video managment all wrapped into one - while we ensure 24/7 protection on the backend. 

Customize a package that's right for your home.